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Litter Trap, Indonesia

Students Robin and Thomas went to the Indonesian island Ambon to develop, build and place a new Litter Trap in the river mouth. There it prevents floating plastic from entering the sea. The Litter Trap is an improved version of the two Litter Traps we made, and is placed in Ambon at the beginning of this year. The design of based on the three Litter Traps we have in Rotterdam. The project is being done in collaboration with Pahlawan Sampah Maluku, Unpatty University, Rotterdam University of Applied Science and Lipi Research Centre.


Circular products

Recycled Island Foundation designed and realized a 3D printed sofa, in collaboration with Audi Environmental Foundation. This was our first test with 3D printing of large objects, with recycled plastics. The sofa is placed and displayed at various Audi locations. In this way, we raise awareness about the possibilities of recycling plastics and about plastic pollution. In the sofa, there is space for plants and a tree. We are continuing the innovation of circular products.


Circular Product

After almost five years of plastic retrieval, recycling, fund raising, designing and testing, we proudly opened the 140m2 floating park on July 4th. The park consists of hexagon blocks made from recycled plastics. In this way, we bring the plastics back into the river, but with an ecological role to stimulate biodiversity in the Rijnhaven. The vegetation that grows in, on and at the park, brings more greenery to the city and gives shelter to animals.

We are currently exploring new locations for this concept and looking at the potentials of the expansion of the park.


Litter Trap,


In harbors of Rotterdam we have successfully completed the pilot. After 1,5 years of developing, testing and improving, we have a working system to capture floating plastics in rivers and ports. The retrieved litter stays inside the trap until it gets emptied, and will be recycled into new circular products. The Litter Traps can stand tough harbor conditions, including ship traffic and tidal changes. The Litter Traps are developed in collaboration with HEBO Maritiemservice and with the support of the Municipality of Rotterdam.


Litter Trap, Indonesia

Two new concept Litter Traps are realized in the bay of Ambon, to stop floating plastics from entering the sea. We want to share our experience and knowledge of litter retrieval and effective reuse of plastics in Indonesia. The Litter Traps are constructed from local materials, with local support and collaboration. The process is shown in a series of vlogs.


The Litter Traps in Ambon are the first step for the international implementation.



We started a collaboration with Audi Environmental Foundation. Together we will approach marine litter internationally. Audi Environmental Foundation starts to support us with our Recycled Park in Rotterdam, Litter Traps and educational program.


We are looking forward to a long term partnership.


Research, Indonesia

Rob and Koen, two students from the Netherlands, went to Ambon to research the scale of the plastic problem in the local river, and to research the local waste management system. Their work can be seen in their vlogs.


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