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The Litter Trap with the longest boom in The Netherlands.

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and CLEAR RIVERS, the largest Litter Trap in the Netherlands is being constructed in the Wilhelminahaven tidal park in Schiedam; due to the favorable location, a lot of waste can be removed from the water in this spot. The work in the Wilhelminahaven has been completed with the construction of the plastic catcher.

CLEAR RIVERS director Ramon Knoester and alderman Jeroen Ooijevaar talk about this special project and why it is being built in Schiedam.

The floating litter, which mainly exists from plastics, is an environmental threat and the Litter Trap is a direct solution to marine litter and to prevent plastics from entering the North Sea. The Litter Trap (LT5)  will remain there as a permanent installation, retrieving plastic daily.

In collaboration with

The placement of the Litter Traps is possible through the collaboration of CLEAR RIVERS with Rijkswaterstaat, HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. and BV Europe 90, while it's commissioned by Gemeente Schiedam.

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